The Benefits of Playing Online Games at Work

If you’re wondering if playing video games while working is good for your health, you’re not alone. Video games are an excellent way to break the monotony of the office environment and help you get into a different mindset. In addition, it’s great for stress relief, hand-eye coordination, and mood, all of which contribute to productivity.

Increased productivity

A new study suggests that playing video games can boost workplace productivity by 20 percent. These video games can help people learn to better allocate resources, negotiate task ownership, and collaborate to find solutions to problems. The researchers at Brigham Young University conducted the study on eighty newly formed teams. They found that employees who played video games for 45 minutes were more productive than those who had never played a video game. These findings hold true for both novice and experienced gamers.

Stress relief

Playing video games can help reduce stress levels. This is because we are focused on what we’re doing, rather than on other factors. While video games can temporarily distract us from our stressful work, there are much more effective ways to relieve stress. For example, physical activity has been shown to relieve stress, so it’s important to find an exercise that you enjoy doing and make it a regular part of your routine.

Improved hand-eye coordination

The benefits of video games are well documented. A study by the University of Toronto revealed that people who play action-intense games improve hand-eye coordination. These games require fast responses and improve hand-eye coordination in other tasks. The study found that just five hours of video game play significantly improved participants’ performance on a dot task. Also read

Increased mood

A new study suggests that playing online games at work can improve your mood. The researchers tested the mental health of participants by having them complete a task that caused them to feel mentally exhausted and then gave them five minutes to rest. Afterwards, they were split into three groups. Those who played online games had a higher mood while those who meditated had a worse mood.

Increased information recall

One study suggests that playing online games may improve information recall at work. Researchers examined participants who completed electronic 24-hour recall diaries during a one-month period. Participants were notified by email or text message when to complete the diaries. They had until 9 am to complete them. Once all diaries were completed, participants received a 7.50 euro voucher. This voucher was awarded using a standard reward points system.

Improved social skills

A recent study investigated whether improved social skills were associated with computer gaming addiction. The study population consisted of 564 participants: 263 females and 301 males. Of these, 93 were classified as addicted to computer games. The other 467 were considered non-addicted. The researchers then compared the social skills of these individuals using the TISS questionnaire.

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