Malta Property Overview

Andrew: Steve has just joined us. He’s a bit of an industry expert around the Bayside area,Guest Posting and has had experience in and around real estate of over 25 years. Steve is one of the key principals of Hocking Stuart. As we enter the spring selling season we are going to talk about some of the important things for people especially vendors in preparing their properties for sale. So, I’ll hand it over to Steve. Steve is a licensed auctioneer and sells property every day of the week. He will be able to point us in a much better direction that what I can! Steve?

Steve: Thanks Andrew. Yes, it’s that time of the The Myst Condo Showflat year of course. We’re now in late August. We’re just about to enter into spring. It goes without saying that this is the time of the year where people start to get the sun on their back and start thinking about selling houses – if that’s the mode you’re in. So one of the obvious questions people ask us is ‘Why is it that two properties – virtually the same might sell for very different prices? Much of this gets back simply to presentation and how the properties are being presented, and the preparations gone into in the lead-up to that property being sold. We’re pretty busy right now. Where people are thinking of selling probably in late September – maybe October, even into November – and they are starting to think “right it’s time to put some thought into how we are going to present it..”

Andrew: I agree with that. Our enquiry levels have increased just in the last couple of weeks as well which is cyclic isn’t it?

Steve: It is – very much.

Andrew: Like you said, the sun on the back – the footy finals, everything is coming….

Steve: That’s right

Andrew: For those who don’t know if their team is in the footy finals they have to have something to do! So, properties and a passion for Australians, isn’t it?

Don’t be afraid to call in the experts!

Steve: That’s right and look, what’s important I think is if you are thinking of selling – look a lot of us are pretty right…. we know what we need to do to prepare a property for sale. Some people have lots do and some may have very little to do but I think it’s important to get your agent in. Agents aren’t the only people that have expertise in this area though no doubt having been in this industry over 20 years now and having helped thousands of people sell their home and prepare them for sale I’d like to think that we have a fairly vast amount of experience in helping people prepare and do the right things. Having said that, there are also people who specialize in interior design and presenting homes. Your home may need a lot more work and what’s important is to get those people in whether it is us or your interior designers.. Get them in early. Don’t get them in when they’re thinking about doing it two weeks before you’re due to start the campaign.

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