Joon Faii Ong – On a Mission to Help People with Essential Hand Tremors

No matter how effective drugs are for essential hand tremors, they have side effects. There is no drug without a side effect in the market today. To combat hand tremors in patients, drugs are the only alternative, and this is where GyroGlove promises to help.

The GyroGlove is a novel wearable from the esteemed tech company GyroGear founded by Joon Faii Ong. He is the CEO and Founder of the company. This unique medical innovation has been designed to counter tremors in hand due to neurological disorders and Parkinson’s Disease that cause bodily tremors. He believes more and more people will require this glove in the future. Other medical conditions that cause essential hand tremors and are strokes, hyperthyroidism, and sclerosis.

No matter how mild the hand tremors might be, they affect the quality of life of the patient. They need to be dependent on family members for specific tasks. This often affects them psychologically as well. The GyroGlove also intends to restore independence in such people so that they do not have to depend upon others.

Life-long support

With the help of this glove, he hopes people will no longer have to depend upon drugs for countering the hand tremors. Sadly, most of the modern drugs available in the market have proved to have negative side effects. They work for a restricted time of about 10 years at the maximum.

GyroGlove performs in a highly effective manner as it places out a force that compensates for any amount of hand tremors, irrespective of how severe they might be. With this unique technology, hand tremors are reduced and patients get the freedom to use their hands in the way they want to. This glove enables them to carry out their day-to-day activities without worries at all. This means they can eat, drink, and even open doors with a key, he says.

Improving the quality of life of patients

There are over 10 million people across the world with Parkinson’s Disease. This is a neurological disorder that progresses with time. It affects an individual’s cognitive ability, and its prevalent symptoms are tremors, especially in the hands of the person. What begins as light tremors graduates to the shaking of the hands that affect the daily chores of the person.

As mentioned above, these tremors have no cure, and the only way to counter them is by taking medicines in the form of drugs, but that too for a limited time. Often the effects of these drugs wear off after prolonged use, and after that, there is no cure for these hand tremors.

Joon Faii Ong has the sole mission to help people suffering from Parkinson’s disease and other forms of essential hand tremors caused due to lesser-known neurological conditions. The GyroGloves serves to improve the quality of life in patients with them. They no longer need to take medications with side effects that could lead to disturbances in their gait, nausea, involuntary mood changes, and compulsive behavior.

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