How to Calculate VAT in Ireland?

This calculator will provide you an accurate knowledge of vat that is to be paid in Ireland. This tells how much the product should cost depending on the VAT rate.

Vat in Ireland is currently at 23%

VAT Calculation Formula

Price + VAT = Total Price (Round Total to 0 decimal places)

Price x .23 = VAT for product price.

VAT / Price = Vat % rate.

VAT Calculation Example

For example, if a product has an €100 cost, €2 vat will need to be added onto it so that it becomes €102. If you are taxed 20% vat over your purchase, this would mean that the total amount owed would be €112 after Vat is taxed. These amounts are rounded up or down accordingly depending on how much decimal place of the number being taxed is.

Half of this amount, €56 would be the vat rate to use in order to find out how much you owe for half of the price. Multiply €56 by two and this equals €112 which is twice the original price of €100 with a 20% tax rate paid on it. The total cost of the product (after VAT) will be €112 for this example.

To calculate what your Vat Rate is: divide 56/2= 28

(After dividing two numbers, round up or down depending on if there was more or less than one decimal place.)

Vat (%) = (your amount / (1 + (rate/100))) x 100

In this example, 28 is the Vat (%)

To find out how much VAT has been added to the price of a product: (original price / 100) + (Vat (%) x original price).

To illustrate this, €56/100 = 0.56; 0.56 x €100 = 56 euros . This would be what you owe for half of the original priced item with a 20% Vat Rate. If you need to calculate your vat rate then using half of your pre-vat amount is usually most effective since it is the number that will yield closest results when compared to other methods. For More calculations click

The following examples are given in Euros so use our free Currency Converter

(1) How much vat do I pay on a €100 purchase?

€ 100 x 20% = Vat to be paid:  €20

(2) How much vat do I pay on a €40.99 purchase?

€ 40.99 x 20% = Vat to be paid:  €8.39 (rounded to the nearest cent)

(3) What is the total cost of an item that costs €12 after applying a 10% VAT? (The answer will only include the vat and excludes any postage or packaging charges as this may vary.)

€ 12 / 100 + 10% =  Vat to be paid:  €1.22 (rounded up to the nearest cent). The calculation above can also help you learn vat rules. For example, if a goods or service has a value of €100 before VAT and the VAT rate is set at 20%, this means that the effective price after VAT is going to be €80 (€100 / 100 + 0.2 = €80).

You can also do calculations based on other scenarios where you know how much something costs and what the current vat rate happens to be, then use these examples to calculate any number of problems. If there are ten items in a pack that cost €5 each, then it will have an effective price of €50 per pack less vat, i.e., including vat it will cost you €60 but exluding vat it will only cost you €50.

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