David Serna Attorney Briefly Underlines Certain Situations When One Must Seek Out The Aid of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal charges are not easy for anyone. The defendant would require professional assistance to increase their chances of getting cleared of all charged. David Serna Attorney mentions that defendants must always try their best to hire a lawyer who is both highly experienced and qualified when facing criminal charges, to be assured of positive outcomes.  David himself is an experienced defense attorney. He is New Mexico’s only Board Certified Criminal Defense Diplomate and Advocate, National Board of Trial Advocacy, Boston, MA. He is also a Board Certified Trial Specialist in Criminal Law, New Mexico Board of Legal Specialization.

When thinking about the duties of a defense lawyer, most people visualize a courtroom, when these attorneys strive to defend their clients. David Serna Attorney mentions that while these lawyers do defend their clients in court, their duties and assistance goes way beyond that. There are many ways they can help their clients even before the trial stage. Most of these lawyers have are habituated to working closely with prosecutors and police officers, and can provide their clients with expert guidance and support in every stage of their case.

Here are some of the situations when one must try to seek out the assistance of their professional defense lawyer, according to David Serna Attorney:

  • When the police want to question: A lot of people think that if they have not committed any crime, then there is no harm in taking to the police all by themselves. However, it is important to understand that anything they say to the police, no matter how irrelevant it may seem initially, can be held against the defendant. One must always be wary of what they might speak in front of the police. An overzealous or inexperienced officer could get the wrong idea about something said by the defendant, and subsequently, make them a prime suspect of the crime.  Hence, whenever the police desire to speak to a person in relation to a crime, no matter whether as a witness or a suspect, one must call their lawyer and ask them to be present during the questioning session.  If the facts of a case are such that it could give rise to suspicions or misplaced allegations, the aid of lawyer would be needed to make sure that one’s rights are properly protected.
  • When the police ask to sign something: One must always remember that the police cannot force them to anything unless they have a reasonable suspicion that the person committed a crime. The right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure is protected by the Fourth Amendment.

Other situations where the aid of a criminal defense attorney would be needed include fighting for lower bail at bail hearings when needed, as well as discussing a possible dismissal of charges with the judge and prosecutor. They also play a major role in advising clients on how to plead in the initial hearings.

David Cates – An Insight into The Illinois Workplace Injuries, Accidents and Compensation

In Illinois, Worker’s Compensation covers disfigurement, disability, medical income, lost income, vocational rehabilitation, pain, and suffering. If a person or a loved one is fatally injured at work, partners and relatives can file a suit and recover permanent total disability as death benefits for a specified time or a lump sum amount in some cases.

David Cates is a widely respected and renowned lawyer in Illinois who specializes in the above cases. Along with his team of professional and skilled lawyers at Cate Mahoney, LLC, he has helped several clients when it comes to injuries and accidents at the workplace. According to these legal experts, those who get injured on the job are most likely to experience many unexpected expenses.

He says that in a personal injury suit claim against the negligent party, one can recover the following loss both in the past and future in the form of compensation-

  1. Loss of wages
  2. Medical costs
  3. Emotional distress
  4. Punitive damages
  5. Loss of normal life or even the quality of life
  6. Disability
  7. Disfigurement
  8. Suffering and pain

Compensation for wrongful death

There are cases at the workplace where the negligent or reckless act of any individual results in the wrongful death of a loved one. The company can be responsible for such actions as personal injury suits; companies are also legal entities. Injured people can recover damages for the unexpected economic and non-economic losses due to the accident, along with the expenses for the funeral and burial, he says.

He adds that every case and scenario differs, and individuals can recover damages in the form of compensation if they suffered injuries due to the actions of another person, even if they were at fault partly themselves.

Scheduling a free consultation before filing a case

He says that since every legal case in the above niche is different, he advises people in the region to contact his office for a free consultation. It is important for the lawyer taking over the case to listen to the events that had taken place so that they can devise a strategy as to how the case should be pleaded before the competent court of law. He also says individuals must be aware of the legal procedures for such cases and their options.

He invites people to contact his team to schedule this consultation to get the justice and the compensation they deserve for a wrong action caused by the reckless or negligent conduct of someone else.

David Cates also states that people should have realistic expectations from the case’s results that are filed in court. As he says, every case is not the same, and it is unfair to compare two cases and treat them as the same. Even a minute detail can change the course of the trial as such cases are generally very sensitive, and the parties involved are emotiona l when it comes to getting adequate justice in a court of law.