Arie Eric De Jong – Mastering the Art of Social Media Photography

There is an abundance of smartphones these days. Camera technology with editing apps has transformed the landscape of photography today. Those fond of taking social media photographs believe it is a piece of cake. However, this is not true. Posting images on social media undergo the same process as the rest do in other disciplines.

Arie Eric De Jong is based in San Diego and writes about events, portraits, and Instagram photography. On his social media profiles, he reviews cameras for different settings and places. He also loves to discuss his favorite cameras and photographers.

Besides the above photography niches, he is also familiar with other forms. He currently is mastering the art of Instagram photography and loves to share tips about basic photography forms with his readers. He finds writing fun, and his mission is to help hobbyists and newbies begin their photography projects.

Social media photography and its significance today

He says social media is a powerful platform for engaging audiences and clients today. If you want to post pictures on social media, always remember the saying- “ out of sight, out of mind.” You should post regularly on social media so capturing good photographs is surely not enough.

Captions or blurbs with your posts

Social media platforms should team their images with catchy captions or blurbs to keep their fans and followers engaged in the interaction. Smartphones are adequate for you to capture social media images for simple uploading and instant updates.

The importance of lighting for great photographs

When you are taking photography for social media, lighting is very important. You should optimize lights to your convenience. If you want to take a photograph in restaurants or cafes, you should use natural light. Audiences on social media enjoy seeing playful angles when shooting generally mundane subjects.

Use gridlines for getting the right angles

He recommends the use of grid lines for easy composition. He advises applying the rule of thirds as this is a timeless and classical move that works well. If you are shooting a group of people, it is best taken candidly. Though you can make a group photograph look authentic with some good directions, candid shots ensure they are more exciting and playful.

What about editing photographs?

According to Arie Eric De Jong it is not wrong for you to edit your photographs; however, make sure you do not go overboard. There is always the temptation for you to use a photo editing app on your phone, but sometimes people just overdo it.

He recommends you edit the photograph only if you need to. Do it in such a way that the original image looks as if it has been untouched. It takes some time and practice for you to master this art. He sums up by saying though social media photography does look simple at first glance, it indeed is a difficult field for you to master and navigate in a short time.

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